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Webinar: Improving air quality for citizen's health and well-being

Improving air quality for citizen's health and well-being

Third webinar in Green Electronic Council’s (GEC) five-part series, “Sustainable Disruption: Mobile Technology as a Force for Good,” supported by the GSMA.

Many municipalities have increased their efforts to measure air quality using networks of connected sensors that gather and send data. Using this data, public officials can map areas of high pollution, track changes over time, identify polluters, and analyze potential interventions. This webinar addresses how mobile networks are enabling communities to monitor their air quality and empowering them to take action to increase the health and well-being of citizens.


Christine Kendrick
Smart City PDX Coordinator/Air Quality Lead, City of Portland

Ruchi Verma
Global IoT Product Manager, Ericsson

Pedro Antonio de Alarcon Sanchez
Lead, Big Data for Social Good, Telefonica

Priyanka deSouza
Research Fellow, Senseable City Lab MIT