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Webinar: How to Make Your City Smart, Sustainable, and Resilient

How to Make Your City Smart, Sustainable, and Resilient

First webinar in a five-part series hosted by the Green Electronic Council (GEC) on Exploring the Hidden Impacts, Opportunities, and Challenges of Smart Cities

Webinar Overview

Smart and sustainable cities are quickly appearing around the globe, and at the same time, more cities are focusing on becoming resilient to a variety of shocks and stressors.  What does it mean for a city to be smart, sustainable, and resilient, how are these initiatives similar and different, and how does a city address cybersecurity issues associated with smart city technology?  This webinar will dive into these concepts and provide examples of the tools cities are using to make their communities smart, sustainable, and resilient, including procurement and public private partnerships.  


Christine Kendrick, Smart City PDX Coordinator, City of Portland

Melanie Nutter, Principal, Nutter Consulting

Colin Dunn, Founder & CEO, Fend Incorporated