Infrastructure Monitoring Pilot


Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)


Mayor Ted Wheeler, Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Periodic visual inspections of transportation and built environment infrastructure can be labor intensive, time consuming, and costly without providing the adequate data needed. The AT&T Smarter Infrastructure Monitoring (SIM) solution will be deployed on three bridge structures and one hillside the City of Portland is currently monitoring. The SIM devices wirelessly transmit up to date information on cracks and tilt or earth movement which can indicate structural integrity issues. This data is needed to augment inspections of aging infrastructure and structures that are in seismically active areas, prone to flooding effects or exposed to frequent and excessive loading.

The SIM devices will be installed by PBOT Maintenance Operations crews this summer at the following locations for a 15 month pilot.

  1. Settlement Monitoring — SW Sheffield Avenue (Structure No. BR-019)
  2. Settlement Monitoring — NW Thurman Street Hillside
  3. Settlement Monitoring — Eastside Streetcar Bridge (Structure No. BR-182)
  4. Crack Monitoring — Riverwalk Steel Truss Pedestrian Bridge (Structure No. BR-158)

Project partners include AT&T.