City-wide Open Data Workgroup starts

Last October 4, data analysts from all the bureaus got together to start coordinating work around how data will be managed throughout the City of Portland, selecting best practices and standards for data exchange and protection, privacy and general management. Data analysts and managers across city bureaus attended the kickoff meeting that started city-wide activities around open data.

Ordinance No. 188356 passed on April 17, 2017 and establishes an Open Data Policy, which includes the creation of an Open Data Program for the City of Portland.

This ordinance expands upon the work completed as a part of the 2009 Open Data Resolution, establishing mechanisms for engaging all City of Portland bureaus in the proactive collection and distribution of City government data.

Establishing an Open Data Policy and Program and a system of data governance in the City of Portland will result in:

  1. Increased transparency and improved public trust

  2. Greater civic participation and engagement

  3. Better access to data to inform and improve decision making

  4. Reduced staff time devoted to responding to requests for City data

  5. Greater likelihood of data-driven innovations in the private sector that increase the social and commercial value of City assets and improve the delivery of City services

An Open Data Policy and Program, and the systems and standards that would result, are also fundamental to the City of Portland’s Smart Cities efforts. Shared, standardized systems for collecting, managing, analyzing and distributing data are structural foundation. These essential requirements will help Portland meet our Smart City PDX goals of using data to inform decisions, to design and evaluate policies and programs, and to partner with the private sector, researchers, and the community to meet City goals around livability, affordability, safety, sustainability, and equity.