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Portland establishes itself as a national Smart Cities leader with the adoption of the Smart City PDX Priorities Framework

Every day, new technologies are emerging that offer amazing potential to transform our cities. But cities aren’t built for gadgets and sensors, they’re built for people. The Smart City PDX Priorities Framework will guide the City of Portland’s use of new technology to reduce inequities and disparities for people who have been left behind, specifically people of color and people with disabilities. And not just for today, but for the Portland community of tomorrow.

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Smart City PDX puts people first in data and technology investments

The City of Portland’s approach to creating a smart city has evolved over the past three years, initially rooted in participation in national networks and as a finalist for the United States Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge. Those experiences provided a framework for collaboration across a variety of partners. The importance of being proactive and creating new pathways for community participation and responsiveness continue to be key focus areas of the current Smart City PDX efforts.

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