Using data and technology to improve people's lives.

Our Team

We are working collaboratively with the community, private and public sector partners, and City of Portland staff to use data and technology responsibly to support a healthier, safer, more affordable and prosperous Portland for everyone.

 Kevin Martin, Smart Cities Manager

Kevin Martin, Smart City PDX Manager

Kevin leads the City of Portland’s Smart Cities team. He has in-depth experience developing, implementing and managing systems and applications to improve delivery of services, increase community involvement in City projects, and to support Portland’s long-range planning. Kevin manages a diverse team of Smart Cities and Open Data coordinators, web developers, web designers, graphic designers, database administrators, GIS analysts, and an air quality scientist. He has a Masters in Geography from Portland State University.

 Christine Kendrick, Smart Cities Coordinator

Christine Kendrick, Smart City PDX Coordinator

Christine is an air quality scientist specializing in monitoring, policy and the public health impacts of air pollution. Her work on sensors and data collection projects focuses on the technical, ethical, and policy questions surrounding the uses of distributed sensors and Internet of Things technologies. She has a PhD in Environmental Science and Resources with a focus on urban air quality, data analysis and instrumentation.

 Hector Dominguez, Open Data Coordinator

Hector Dominguez, Open Data Coordinator

Hector comes from a mixed background of entrepreneurship, research and non-profit organizations, with expertise on Internet of things, advanced analytics, robotics and automation and Artificial Intelligence. Hector has developed sensor networks for agriculture, food production, forest monitoring and the oil industry. Hector has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on manufacturing solar concentrators and sustainable manufacturing.


Smart Cities Steering Committee

City Council Offices

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Office

Kyle Chisek, Director of Bureau Relations and Policy

Maurice Henderson, Chief of Staff

Elisabeth Perez, Policy Advisor

Office of Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Marshall Runkel, Chief of Staff

Office of Commissioner Nick Fish

Jamie Dunphy, Senior Policy Director

Sonia Schmanski, Chief of Staff

Office of Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Janine Gates, Constituent Services Specialist

Office of Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Brendan Finn, Chief of Staff

Gene Yamamoto, Commissioner’s Assistant

City of Portland Bureaus and Offices

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS)

Hector Dominguez, Open Data Coordinator

Ingrid Fish, Conservation Program Coordinator

Christine Kendrick, Smart City PDX Coordinator

Kevin Martin, Smart City PDX Manager

Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services (BRFS)

Jennifer Cooperman, Chief Financial Officer and Director

Bureau of Technology Services (BTS)

Jeff Baer, CTO

Dan Bauer, Deputy CTO

Liz Mitchell, Technology Business Consultant

City Budget Office (CBO)

Shannon Carney, Performance Management Analyst

Andrew Scott, City Budget Director

Office for Community Technology (OCT)

Rebecca Gibbons, Digital Equity Program Coordinator

Ann Goldenberg, Division Manager

Julie Omelchuck, Program Manager

Office of Equity and Human Rights (OEHR)

Judith Mowry, Senior Policy Advisor

Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI)

Linda Castillo, Program Specialist

Office of the City Attorney

Kalei Taylor, Senior Deputy City Attorney

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM)

Jonna Papaefthimiou, Planning, Policy, and Communications Manager

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)

Alex Bejarano, Transportation Division Manager

Eric Hesse, Supervising Transportation Planner

Anne Hill, Program Development

Peter Hurley, Senior Transportation Planner

Christine Leon, Development Permit and Transportation Group Manager

Kirk McEwen, GIS Analyst

Art Pearce, Transportation Policy, Planning and Projects Group Manager

Kevin York, Business Technology Manager

Portland Housing Bureau (PHB)

Bimal RajBhandary, Business Analysis, Research and IT

Victoria James, Housing Policy Analyst

Matthew Tschabold, Equity and Policy Manager

Portland Police Bureau (PPB)

Lauren Brown, Police Data Research Supervisor

Prosper Portland

Pam Neal, Green Cities/CleanTech Industry Liaison

Jared Wiener, Technology & Media Industry Liaison

Regional partners

Portland State University (PSU)



Multnomah County

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Portland General Electric (PGE)


Technology Association of Oregon

Hack Oregon

National and international partners

MetroLab Network

NIST Global Cities Team Challenge

Smart Cities Lab

Transportation for America

What Works Cities