prephub 2

The City of Portland, Portland State University, Portland General Electric and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are partnering to create a the first long-term PREPHub (Emergency Preparedness Hubs) prototype, a program to improve disaster resilience and emergency preparedness in Portland.

PREPHubs are a new kind of infrastructure designed to operate entirely off-grid during a disaster, providing crucial services that include power, communication and emergency first aid supplies. The hubs will be able to recharge cell phones during a natural disaster. They also provide secure, locked storage for Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node (BEECN) cache equipment. BEECNs are places for Portland residents to go after a major earthquake to ask for emergency assistance and get information. PGE will provide power to the PREPHubs from the grid and from energy storage devices, supplemented by solar arrays and pedal-power.

The first PREPHub will be located on the Portland State University campus and is expected to be installed in 2019.


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