The Smart City PDX program addresses disparities using technology and improved information management. This goal is established in the Smart City PDX Priorities Framework. Portland City Council adopted this framework on June 21, 2018. With that vote, we became one of the first cities to declare what it means to focus on marginalized communities in smart cities work.


The opportunities from technology advancements are not accessible by all. This is due to existing disparities and inequities based on race, socioeconomics, and ability. The City of Portland recognizes these inequities as major barriers to prosperity. The Priorities Framework sets a goal and criteria for centering and upholding equity in the Smart City PDX program.

Collaborative development

The Priorities Framework is a product of the City's Smart Cities Steering Committee. This committee involves 14 different bureaus and all five Commissioner's offices. Five bureaus and staff from Commissioner's offices led the framework effort, these included:

  • Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

  • Office for Community Technology

  • Office of Equity and Human Rights

  • Portland Bureau of Transportation

  • Bureau of Technology Services

  • Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Office

  • Commissioner Amanda Fritz's Office

Framework content

The Priorities Framework has two sections plus the Smart City PDX goal.

Section 1 outlines a process to guide decision making by City staff about data collection and Smart City PDX investments. Integrating community engagement of underserved populations into data collection efforts is vital.

Section 2 outlines criteria to vet and evaluate Smart City PDX projects, plans, and policies. The criteria help us integrate our values into decision-making processes. Improved allocation of public resources is also a benefit of the criteria.

The Smart City PDX equity-focused criteria “are a very well-thought out lens” for evaluating our Smart City PDX investments “that could be broadly applicable to the City’s work” said Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Read the full text of Resolution 37371 and the Priorities Framework as Exhibit A with this link to the City’s Auditor’s Office records: https://efiles.portlandoregon.gov/Record/12067443/


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