Robust privacy and information protection are cornerstones for building trust across organizations and people. Building this trust is at the center of the proposed City of Portland Privacy and Information Protection Principles. The principles provide guidelines for protecting private and sensitive data managed by the City or those working on behalf of the City.


Data is a strategic asset. The City of Portland collects and manages data that may put communities, individuals or sensitive assets at risk. Making the City a more trusted steward of data is a priority of Smart City PDX. Local governments must also plan for emergent information technologies used to better understand and improve government services.

Providing equitable services related to data collection and information use is also essential. Marginalized communities can be more vulnerable to misuse of data. These risks highlight the importance of safeguards that guide City practices.


Smart City PDX, Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office and the Office of Equity and Human Rights led the development of the Privacy Principles. The process was a citywide effort that incorporated feedback from over thirty City agencies. It also included two public forums where community members voiced priorities and feedback

Proposed Principles content

The seven principles focus on:

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Full lifecycle stewardship

  • Equitable data management

  • Ethical and non-discriminatory use of data

  • Data openness

  • Automated Decision Systems

  • Data Utility

The proposed Privacy and Information Protection Principles are co-sponsored by all five City Council members. The principles will be presented to Portland City Council on May 22 at 10:25 a.m.